Garden Gate

Pause here and observe
the garden vista,
Serene in all its beauty.

Then — turn right and
Proceed, passing
Fragrant Nicotine on your right,
Lilies on your left.

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  1. Frank Fisher
    Frank Fisher says:

    Oh my, how well I recall those huge flagstones on the garden paths – One summer when I was about 4 or five, I used to run down the path towards the round ball wherein I could see my reflection; one day I tripped on a stone, fell flat on my forehead, and opened a huge gash!! I certainly caused quite a stir and Mrs Kraft was so concerned for my welfare…. later on that summer, when my scab finally healed up and fell off, my Dad declared – “Look , here’s a piece of Frank”!! I didn’t think it funny at the time!!


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