The Garden Guide

For a few hours this evening, I stared at an early aerial view of the estate, attempting to reason out the proper directions through the gardens.

I’ve been going up to Kraftwood off and on since I was a one year old back in 1975.  Having never seen the estate in all it’s glory, it has always been difficult to interpret the exact locations in the 1st and 2nd editions of the official Garden Guide.    Since many of the features no longer exist (stone paths now covered by grass, wooden bridges withered away, etc), I have to take a few guesses as to where certain things existed.

Here’s my first attempt, which I plan to refine after speaking to my Mom and Uncle and getting their thoughts and recollections. Please note that in future revisions I will increase the font size of the numerals which represent various garden areas/locations with respect to the garden guides.  For now, please put on your glasses and zoom in.

Garden Guide (revision 1)

Garden Guide (revision 1)


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